Exterior vehicles packages

Exterior vehicles packages

  • Vehicle Exterior
    The vehicle is washed using ph. neutral shampoo using twin grit guard bucket system to prevent any stones and sharp edged particles being carried onto the car via wash mitt or board hair brush.
    Wheels are cleaned using a non-acidic; citrus based cleaner and specifically designed horse hair brushes.Door and trunk jambs, petrol cap, exhaust tips cleaned..The vehicle is hand dried using Master Blaster and microfiber towels.The paintwork is treated with a Clay bar removing bonded surface contaminants.Tires dressed.
    Exterior plastics and door trims dressed. 

  • Paint Treatment 1 layer of our preferred high grade carnauba wax is applied to the paint surface,  ensuring a durable level of protection, a range of sealants and waxes are available this will be
    discussed upon inspection.

  • Vehicle Interior
    Carpets vacuumed.
    Windows are cleaned on the inside and outside.
    Interior hard surfaces are all wiped.

  • In this process, the package is fallowed for one stage polish on the paintwork, ensuring  30% of swirls marks and imperfections removal with a dramatic improvement and nice glossy finish.
  • Chrome and stainless steel cleaned.
  • Engine bay is cleaned.
  • Exhaust tips rejuvenated with specifically designed metal compounds
  • In order to increase more correction and more protection on the paintwork we use 2 stages polish procedure, this means we ensure 50% of defects, swirls marks and imperfections removal not even to talk about the nice finish and high gloss for the paint, including much longer protection on the paintwork.
  • Chrome and stainless steel cleaned.
  • Engine bay is cleaned
  • Exhaust tips rejuvenated with specifically designed metal compounds
  • Paintwork treated to 3 Stage paint correction. This process removes 80%  imperfections and increases much more the gloss factor with a high paint protection.
  • Chrome and stainless steel treated and protected.
  • Engine bay is cleaned
  • Exhaust tips rejuvenated with specifically designed metal compounds
  • Glass treated with nano polish.

99% PAINT CORRECTION FACTOR Paintwork treated to a Multiple Stage paint correction process for full elimination of defects including heavy swirl marks and holograms. Deeper surface scratches are leveled using specifically designed sand papers.

  • Paintwork is checked using digital microscope in specific areas.
  • Paint is measured using PDMG to establish thickness of paint.
  • Special lighting is used through whole paintwork procedure. 
  • Panels are cleaned and inspected after every stage to ensure true correction.
  • Exhaust tips rejuvenated with specifically designed metal compounds.
  • Engine bay is cleaned.
  • Glass treated with nano polish.
  • Wheels are cleansed, polished and sealed inside and out.

This procedure is a complete multiple steps of paintwork wet sanding with specifically designed sand papers, fallowed up by a complete multiple stages of paint correction in order to reach a perfect, sharp and show finish.

This service is for those how are interested in PROTECTION, this last much more longer that any wax or sealant ever known on the market.

Nano coating is the result of an application where nano structures build a consistent network of molecules on a surface.This is a chemical process where the surface can be designed as hydrophobic, this means that liquids, brake dust and environmental contaminants which strike the surface are repelled and flow away immediately.

Benefits of this service:
  • Surfaces coated in nano technology are resistant to temperature changes.
  • It is UV stable and has a high level of abrasion resistance..
  • It prevent corrosion.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Scratch resistance on paint surface.
  • Keep the surfaces clean and glossy much longer.
  • Surfaces coated are easy to clean.
  • Self cleaning properties.
  • It provides a sustainable resistance of Tar, dust, dirt, and other environmental contaminants.
  • It last approximately 2 years.

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